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Essays and Lectures by Michael Polanyi

Letter: "The Value of the Inexact" (1936)

"Visual Presentation of Social Matters" (1936)

"On Popular Education in Economics" (1937)

"Social Capitalism" (1946)

"Science: Observation and Belief" (1947)

"What to Believe" (1947)

"Forms of Atheism" (1948)

"The Authority of the Free Society (1949)

Gifford Lectures (1951 and 1952)

"The Stability Of Beliefs" (1952)

"Persons" (1954)

"Rules of Rightness" (1954)

"The Republic of Science: Its Political and Economic Theory" (1962)

Gelwick Microfilm Collection (1963)

Duke Lectures (1964)
(1) "The Metaphysical Reach of Science"
(2) "The Structure of Tacit Knowing"
(3) "Commitment to Science"
(4) "The Emergence of Man"
(5) "Thought in Society"

"On The Modern Mind" (1965)

Wesleyan Lectures (1965)
(1) "Science and Reality"
(2) "The Structure of Tacit Knowing"
(3) "The Creative Imagination"
(4) "The Growth of Science in Society"
(5) "Levels of Reality"

"The Structure of Consciousness" (1965)

"The Body-Mind Relation" (1968)

"On Body and Mind" (1969)

"Transcendence And Self-Transcendence" (1970)


McEnerney Lectures (1962)
(1) "The Destruction of Reality"
(2) "The Realm of the Unspoken"
(3) "The Vindication of Reality"
(4) "A Society of Explorers"

Dialogue Between Michael Polanyi and Carl Rogers (1966) Click on the link and use "open" to play the file or "save as" to download the file.

Text of Dialogue Between Michael Polanyi and Carl Rogers

Interviews of Polanyi by Ray Wilken (April 5 and 6, 1966)

Interviews of Polanyi by Ray Wilken(April 24 and 25, 1967)


Unemployment and Money (1940) Economics Education Film

YouTube Channel for Tradition and Discovery: The Polanyi Society Journal --Selected Video and Audio Resources

Links to Polanyi Writing on Other Sites

"Notes on a Film" (1936)

The Contempt of Freedom: The Russian Experiment and After (1940)

Science, Faith and Society (1946)

"British Crisis (1947-?)" and "What Kind of Crisis?" (1947)

"First and Second Lectures" (1948)

Full Employment and Free Trade (1948 Cambridge Second Edition)

[Gottfried Haberler "Foreword" to FEFT (1948 Macmillan Second Edition )]

"Scientific Beliefs" (1950)

"Scientific Outlook: Its Sickness and Cure" (1957)

"Problem Solving " (1957)

"Science and Technology " (Section 8 of the Chapter "Intellectual Passions," pp. 174-184 from Personal Knowledge [1958])

"Faith and Reason" (1961)

"Science: Academic and Industrial" (1961)

"Tacit Knowing: Its Bearing on Some Problems of Philosophy " (1962)

"My Time with X-Rays and Crystals" (1962)

Thomas Kuhn Interview of Michael Polanyi (1962)

"Science and Reality" (1967)

"Life's Irreducible Structure" (1968)

Meaning: A Project (1969) Lectures

"The Eclipse of Thought" (1975)/"Perils of Inconsistency" (1950 and 1951)

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