Michael Polanyi's "Rules of Rightness" was the fifth lecture in an eight-lecture series given at the University of Chicago in 1954. This series was never published and apparently was lost but copies of three lectures, including "Rules of Rightness," recently were located in The Karl Polanyi Archives at Concordia University, Montreal, Canada. With the permission of The Karl Polanyi Archives, Tradition and Discovery: The Polanyi Society Journal, 49:1 (February 2023) published (for non-commercial use by scholars and students) "Rules of Rightness," along with the four essays listed below that discuss the ideas developed in this Polanyi lecture.

Michael Polanyi, "Rules of Rightness"

Phil Mullins, "Notes on Polanyi's 1954 Lecture 'Rules of Rightness'"

Walter Gulick, "'Rules of Rightness' and the Evolutionary Emergence of Purpose"

Collin Barnes, "A Further Word on Likert-Scales Inspired by 'Rules of Rightness'"

Andy Steiger, "Deciphering Humanity: What Polanyi and the Rosetta Stone Can Teach Us About Being Human"

The "Rules of Rightness" lecture was discussed in a July 29, 2022 Zoom Session sponsored by the Polanyi Society. An approximately 80 minute video tape of this discussion is located here on the Polanyi Society website.