An Introduction to Michael Polanyi’s Gifford Lectures

Syllabus for Series I

Series I Lectures

1. The Necessity of Philosophy: (a) Forms of Intelligence

2. The Necessity of Philosophy: (b) Intellectual Passions

3. The Necessity of Philosophy: (c) The Validation of Social Lore

4. The Fiduciary Mode

5. The Self-Destruction of Objectivism

6. Towards a Post-Critical Philosophy

7. Doubting of Explicit Beliefs

8. Doubting of Implicit Beliefs

9. (a) General Doubt (b) Commitment

10. The Personal, the Universal and the Subjective

Series II Lectures

1. Meaning

2. Objectivity

3. Personal Knowledge

4. Chance

5. Order

6. Skills and Connoisseurship

7. Two Kinds of Awareness

8. Living Beings

9. Living Action

10. Intelligence and Responsibility