In 1962 and 1963, with the help of Michael Polanyi, Richard Gelwick compiled the first collection of Polanyi’s non-scientific writings. The copyrighted collection was put on microfilm. There are, on the microfilm, more than a hundred documents, many published (some in obscure places) and some unpublished, written from 1935 until 1963. Today few know about or have access to this very interesting set of Polanyi writings. A searchable pdf version of all of the microfilm’s documents is now on Google Docs. John Polanyi, literary executor for Michael Polanyi, has given permission to the Polanyi Society to make the material on the Gelwick microfilm available for non-commercial scholarly and educational uses.

You can gain access to Collected Articles and Papers of Michael Polanyi, compiled by Richard L. Gelwick, by (1) sending me an e-mail request made by copying and pasting my e-mail address below into your preferred e-mail system or (2) by clicking on the address link which will activate an e-mail system that will e-mail me. Since I must individually add names when I can access Google Docs, it may take a bit of time to grant you access. But you should eventually receive an e-mail from Google with a link to the Gelwick microfilm. In some cases, depending on the e-mail system you use, Google may encourage you to get a free Google e-mail account in order to access the material.

The first file in the set of files on Google Docs (An-Intro-Gelwick-Microfilm-PMullins.pdf) provides an introduction to the set of materials, including the key to the file names.

Phil Mullins,