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Polanyi Society Meetings, Online Discussion Group and General Information

The Polanyi Society is a scholarly professional organization formed in the early seventies; its objective is to promote exchange among persons interested in the thought of Michael Polanyi. The Polanyi Society is legally an independently incorporated US IRS non-profit 501C3 organization governed by its Board of Directors.


The Society publishes Tradition and Discovery: The Polanyi Society Journal (TAD), a digital, open access periodical that is archived on the Polanyi Society website here. The most recent copy of the journal as well as volumes going back to 1972 are available in the digital archives and can be electronically searched. The indices for materials published can also be electronically searched.

More than 800 people across the world receive a Table of Contents e-mail (with links to articles and reviews) when new issues of TAD are posted online (currently three times each year). If you wish to be added to this Table of Contents e-mail list, send a request to webmaster@polanyisociety.org.

Although TAD is an open access journal available to anyone, the Polanyi Society does invite those interested in the journal and Polanyi Society programs to become Polanyi Society members ($35/year; $15 students/year). For additional membership information or to renew membership, please go to the membership page.


The Society normally sponsors an annual meeting near the end of the year that is free and open to anyone interested. Most annual meetings have been two-day events at major cities in the US and Canada the Friday and sometimes the Saturday on the week before Thanksgiving. Annual meetings typically are devoted to presentation and discussion of scholarly papers on topics to which Polanyi's work continues to be relevant. They may also feature invited speakers. Papers may come from any academic discipline or area of professional practice. The annual meeting includes a business meeting of the Society that is open to all current members.

The Polanyi Society also periodically sponsors two- or three-day conferences featuring submitted papers and discussion of material written by Polanyi or dealing with his thought. These conferences often feature special speakers and include a workshop for those new to Polanyi's thought.

The Society also hosts Zoom meetings with presentations, papers and discussions.

Regardless of format, information about events is always posted well in advance on the Polanyi Society website. This includes calls for papers, programs (including papers for advance reading) and recordings of sessions when recorded.

Some support is available for younger scholars attending or making presentations at some Society meetings

Discussion Group:

The Polanyi Society sponsors an online Google discussion group. Anyone interested can subscribe and participate. To join the discussion, please send an e-mail to a list administrator (Matt Sandwisch [msandwisch@gmail.com], Craig Wickstrom [cwickstrom@gmail.com] or James Clement van Pelt [james.vanpelt@aya.yale.edu]) asking to be directly added to the Polanyi list. Use the e-mail address that you wish to have on the list. Since the administrators often are busy, send your e-mail to any one of them but provide a copy to a second administrator.

Home > Meetings, Discussion List & General Information