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Polanyi Society Meetings, Online Discussion Group and General Information

The Polanyi Society is a scholarly professional organization formed in the early seventies; its objective is to promote exchange among persons interested in the thought of Michael Polanyi. Approximately 100 people receive the printed edition of Tradition and Discovery: The Polanyi Society Journal and more than 600 receive a Table of Contents e-mail (with links) for each new number. The most recent (open access) digital copy of the journal is posted on this website. Volumes of the journal (and preceding newsletters) back to 1972 are available to anyone interested in the digital archives also on the site. Annual dues are $35 and should be paid for the next year by the end of the calendar year. The student membership rate is $15/year.

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The Polanyi Society is an independently incorporated scholarly organization (IRS non-profit 501C3) governed by its Board of Directors. At present the Polanyi Society sponsors an annual meeting in November, usually at the end of the week prior to Thanksgiving week. This annual meeting is free and open to the public. There is normally a meeting of the Board of Directors held in conjunction with the annual meeting (and sometimes also in conjunction with special conferences).Normally the annual meeting includes three program sessions over a day and a half. Often special speakers are invited. The scholarly papers presented and discussed in sessions may come from any academic discipline or area of professional practice, and they may consider any of the topics to which Polanyi's work continues to be relevant. The annual meeting includes a business meeting of the Society, open to all current members. Calls for papers for the upcoming meeting are posted on the Polanyi Society web site (polanyisociety.org). Proposals for the November meeting are due in April. Information about the meeting is posted late in the summer as soon as meeting dates, times, locations, and program details are worked out. Papers and sometimes responses to papers are usually posted for downloading on the Polanyi Society web site in early November. The Society's designation as an affiliated society of the American Academy of Religion (AAR) allows it to take advantage of meeting space provided through the AAR, which also publicizes the Polanyi Society sessions to the AAR membership. The Society is not, however, a program unit of the AAR. Thus, it is not necessary to be a member of the AAR to attend, and those attending the Polanyi Society meeting do not need to register for the AAR meeting unless they also wish to attend one or more AAR sessions.

The Polanyi Society also periodically sponsors two or three day conferences. There were conferences in Chicago in 2008 and 2012 and in Nashotah, WI in 2016 and another conference is planned for 2018. Information about conferences and a call for papers is always posted well in advance on the Polanyi Sociey home page. Conferenses often feature special speakers and include a workshop for those new to Polanyi's thought. Usually some support for younger scholars is available for conferences, workshops and annual meetings.

The Polanyi Society sponsors an online discussion group called polanyi_list. To learn more, and to read current and past messages by discussion group members, visit http://groups.yahoo.com/group/polanyi_list. You can join and send messages to the group by emailing polanyi_list-subscribe@yahoogroups.com. Questions about the discussion group can be directed to James Van Pelt (james.vanpelt@aya.yale.edu).

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