Tradition & Discovery

The Polanyi Society Journal

Volume XLIII             Number 3             October 2017


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Engagements with Retrieving Realism by Herbert Dreyfus and Charles Taylor

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A Polanyian Epistemology Manqué: Reflections on Retrieving Realism
John V. Apczynski

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Contact with Reality: Comparing Michael Polanyi and Dreyfus and Taylor, Retrieving Realism
Esther L. Meek

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Dreyfus, Taylor, and Polanyi’s Prescience
David W. Rutledge

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Robust Moral Realism: Pluralist or Emergent?
Charles Lowney


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Charles Taylor, The Language Animal: the Full Shape of the Human Linguistic Capacity
Reviewed by Andrew Grosso

Christian Smith, To Flourish or Destruct: A Personalist Theory of Human Goods and Motivation
Reviewed by Dale Cannon


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