Tradition & Discovery

The Polanyi Society Periodical

Volume XLI             Number 3              2014-2015

    (Completes Vol XLI)      


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The Fulfillment of a Polanyian Vision of Heuristic Theology: David Brown’s Reframing of Revelation, Tradition, and Imagination
David James Stewart

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The Emergence of Mind: Personal Knowledge and Connectionism
Jean Bocharova

Download pages 32-39:

Unpacking the Tacit: A Review of Stephen Turner’s Understanding the Tacit
David Nikkel

Download pages 39-41:

Embodiment and its Relation to the Tacit: Response to Nikkel
Stephen Turner

Download pages 42-49:

Michael Polanyi and the Limits of State Intervention in the Economy: Towards a New Approach to the Keynes-Hayek Debate
Gabor Istvan Biro


Download pages 50-54:

Mark L. Jones, Paul A. Lewis, and Kelly E. Reffitt, eds., Toward Human Flourishing: Character, Practical Wisdom, and Professional Formation
Reviewed by David Nikkel
Ritu Bhatt, ed., Rethinking Aesthetics: The Role of Body in Design
Reviewed by Walter Gulick


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