Tradition & Discovery

The Polanyi Society Periodical

Volume XXXVII               Number 3               2010-2011

     (Completes Volume XXXVII)    

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News and Notes
2011 Polanyi Society Annual Meeting Program
Polanyi Society Endowment
2012 Polanyi Society Conference--Call for Papers
“Connections/Disconnections: Polanyi and Contemporary Concerns and Domains of Inquiry”
Submissions for Publication

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The Emerging Moral Psychology of Darcia Narvaez
Paul Lewis
Notes on Contributors

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More on Polanyi and Tillich on Participative Knowing: A Discussion
R. Melvin Keiser, Durwood Foster, Richard Gelwick, Donald Musser

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Murray Jardine's Post-Critical Political Theory
Phil Mullins

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Murray Jardine on Christianity and Modern Technology
Walter Mead

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Political Theory and Political Theology
Murray Jardine

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Gerd Gigerenzer, Gut Feelings: The Intelligence of the Unconscious
Reviewed by Paul Lewis
Robert E. Innis, Susanne Langer in Focus: The Symbolic Mind
Reviewed by Walter Gulick
Kevin Kelly, What Technology Wants
Reviewed by Robert Doede
David W. Long, A Path to Wholeness: The Philosophy of Michael Polanyi
Reviewed by Milton Scarborough


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