Tradition & Discovery

The Polanyi Society Periodical

Volume XXXV              Number 2              2008-2009


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News and Notes
2009 Polanyi Society Meetings—Call for Papers

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“A Symposium Encounter: The Philosophies of William Poteat and Michael Polanyi”
Walter B. Mead
Notes on Contributors

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“Polanyi’s Role in Poteat’s Teaching Cultural Conceptual Analysis: 1967-1976”
Gus Breytspraak

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“Poteat’s Voice: The Impact of Polanyi and Wittgenstein”
Ronald L. Hall

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“Polanyi’s Influence on Poteat’s Conceptualization of Modernity’s ‘Insanity’ and Its Cure”
Dale Cannon

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Salto Mortale: Poteat and the Righting of Philosophy”
D. M. Yeager
Information on Polanyi Society Electronic Discussion List

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“William H. Poteat: Liberating Theologian For Polanyi ?”
J. W. Stines

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“Bill Poteat: Colleague?”
Robert T. Osborn

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“Making Tacit Knowing Explicit: William H. Poteat’s Adaptation of Polanyi’s Post-Critical Method”
Kieran Cashell


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