Tradition & Discovery

The Polanyi Society Periodical

Volume XXXI               Number 1               2004-2005

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News and Notes
Polanyi Society Financial Statement
Polanyi Society Travel Fund Established
A Second Open Letter to TAD Subscribers
2004 Polanyi Society Annual Meeting Program

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"Michael Polanyi, The Scientist" by John Polanyi
Submissions for Publication

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"Polanyi's Scholarly Influence: A Review Article" by Walter B. Gulick
Polanyi Society Membership

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"Kant's Notion of Judgment from the Perspective of the Theory of Tacit Knowing" by YU Zhenhua
Notes on Contributors

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"Emergence, Materialism, and Worldviews: A Review Article" by Taedes A. Smedes

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Langdon Gilkey, Nature, Reality and the Sacred: the Nexus of Science and Religion
Reviewed by Paul Lewis
William Westney, The Perfect Wrong Note: Learning to Trust Your Musical Self
Reviewed by Barbara J. Gulick
Randall E. Auxier and Lewis Edwin Hahn (eds.), The Philosophy of Marjorie Grene
Reviewed by Robert Doede
Upcoming Changes in Polanyi Society Electronic Discussion List
Polanyi Society Summer Program Survey
Information on Polanyi Society WWW Resources