Tradition & Discovery

The Polanyi Society Periodical

Volume XXIX               Number 3             2002-2003

        (Completes Volume XXIX)

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News and Notes
Information on Electronic Discussion Group
2003 Polanyi Society Annual Meeting Program

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"Regarding Philip Clayton" by Philip Rolnick--Guest Editor
Philip Clayton--Biographical Sketch

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"Emergence, Supervenience, and Personal Knowledge" by Philip Clayton

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"On Polanyi, Clayton, and Biology: Some Musings of a Recovering Reductionist"
by Martinez Hewlett

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"Emergence and Supervenience: A Reply to Philip Clayton" by Gregory R. Peterson
Submissions for Publication

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"God, Contemporary Science and Metaphysics: A Response to Philip D. Clayton" by Andy F. Sanders

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"Response to Clayton: Taxonomy of the Types and Orders of Emergence" by Walter B. Gulick
Notes on Contributors

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"Emergence — A Response to My Critics" by Philip Clayton
Information on WWW Polanyi Resources

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Philip Clayton, The Problem of God in Modern Thought Reviewed by Curtis L.Thompson
Polanyi Society Membership