Tradition & Discovery

The Polanyi Society Periodical

Volume XXIX           Number 1                  2002-2003

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News and Notes
2002 Polanyi Society Annual Meeting Program
Information on Electronic Discussion Group
"Towards a Post-Critical Ethic" by Paul Lewis-Guest Editor
Information on WWW Polanyi Resources

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"Ethics For The Post-Critical Era: Perspectives from the Thought of Michael Polanyi" by Charles S. McCoy

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"Confronting the Minotaur: Moral Inversion and Polanyi’s Moral Philosophy" by D. M. Yeager

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"Michael Polanyi’s Epistemology Of Science And Its Implications For A Problem In Moral Philosophy" by Mark R. Discher

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"Accepting Our Lives as Gift: Hospitality and Post-Critical Ethics" by Elizabeth Newman
Notes on Contributors

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Philip A. Rolnick, ed., Explorations in Ethics
Reviewed by Paul Lewis
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