Tradition & Discovery

The Polanyi Society Periodical

Volume XXV                Number 2                1998-1999

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Call for Papers
Submissions for Publication
Minutes of Polanyi Society Business Meeting--Orlando, Florida, Nov. 21, 1998

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"Michael Polanyi and the Liberal Philosophical Tradition in Hungary" by Éva Gábor

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"A Polanyian Approach to Conceiving and Teaching Introduction to Philosophy" by Dale Cannon
Notes on Contributors

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"'Beyond Logic and Beneath Will'--Teaching in a Po lanyian Spirit" by David W. Rutledge

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"Reclaiming 'Science as a Vocation': Learning as Self-Destruction; Teaching as Self-Restraint" by D. M. Yeager
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Edward I. Bailey, Implicit Religion in Contemporary Society
Reviewed by Paul Lewis
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