Tradition & Discovery

The Polanyi Society Periodical

Volume XXV                Number 1                1998-1999

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News and Notes
Schedule for November 1998 Polanyi Society Meetings

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"Prolegomena to a Polanyian Theory of Practice--A Critique of Stephen Turner's Account" by Walter Gulick

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"Polanyian in Spirit: A Reply to Gulick" by Stephen Turner
Polanyi Society Membership

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"Stephania Jha's Integrative Interpretation of Polanyi" by J. S. Pflug
Notes on Contributors

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"Polanyi's Integrative Philosophy and My New Interpretation: A Response to Pflug's Review" by S. R. Jha

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"Economics, Science, and Knowledge: Polanyi vs. Hayek" by Philip Mirowski
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Submissions for Publication
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